Saturday, October 18, 2014

Is Homeopathy slow to act?

In this fast paced world, where popcorn is made in just two minutes, people look out for results which are instant. Majority of the people have a misconception that every homoeopathic remedy acts slowly. Therefore, they always resort to homoeopathy as a last option available to them. Our masters have rightly said that it is not Homoeopathy, which fails but the Homoeopath. If prescriptions are not made considering the man in disease, but the disease in man, results would never be quick. Homoeopathy is as quick as any other system of medicine in acute diseases. For chronic diseases too, homoeopathy works and goes real deep into one’s system, that it annihilates the disease from its origin. It also makes sure that the next generations are also helped by preventing the disease to be passed over.

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