Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why do Homeopathic doctors need to know the temperament , nature of a person, before they prescribe?
In Homeopathy the symptoms of mind, the nature and temperament are brought out for the purpose of understanding deeply the true pathology. It shows the precise way in which the defense mechanism is acting and, therefore, of finding the most appropriate remedy that may lead to an ideal cure.
The patients when asked such questions about their personal lives believe that these secrets are so shocking and so unacceptable that others would not be capable of handling them. They at times are viewed as deep dark sins, which must be repressed and hidden at all costs. How one reacts and copes up in tough times shows his/her mind make up. These hidden images, feelings or fears are of utmost importance to a homeopath because they are the expression of the activity of the defense mechanism on the deepest levels of the organism.

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