Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why is a Homeopathic medicine tailor made?

The substitution of one remedy with the other cannot be thought of or entertained in Homoeopathy. Here in homeopathy, the homeopath must study the patient from the beginning to the end. Homeopathy believes that there are cases that are so mixed, no matter how much the homoeopath studies, cannot see the distinctions. But one has to remember one thing that there is always one remedy that is needed in the case, whether it is known or not. It has no substitute, for that remedy differs from all other medicines, just as an individual patient differs from all other individuals. Therefore, no medicine can ever replace any medicine, nor one can be as good as another.
Thus one can say, taking a homoeopathic medicine is like getting a custom made suit, which the tailor makes for you considering your need and style and what would suit you best.

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