Saturday, October 18, 2014

Does every Homeopathic medicine cause an aggravation/ intensifies the symptoms?

A Homeopathic aggravation is nothing, but slight intensification of the symptoms, which follows administration of the curative remedy. It’s just a reaction of body, which had a lowered degree of susceptibility (It is a state, an attitude of organisms to internal causes and external circumstances).
It is just as a piece machinery in which the bearings have become dry or have rusted. It’s because of the disuse, it creaks and groans when it is started again.
Thus the diseased, congested, sluggish organs of the body sometimes squeak and groan when they begin to respond to the action of the curative remedy. This is the “Hahnemann Doctrine of Vitality”.
A right Homeopathic remedy, after a slight aggravation , aims to attain a state where in a diseased condition a single ray of light would cause an excruciating pain in an inflamed retina and in its healthy condition can welcome the full light of the day.

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