Monday, January 25, 2016

Anti inflammatory Food items

Lets include these food items in our diet

These are some of the best foods to help reduce inflammation in our body.
 Easily available yet very useful. Eat them and be free from medication and life long illness.

Garlic: Increase its benefits, by letting it sit, once you have chopped.
 This helps the enzyme alliinase work better. 
Garlic helps to improve the iron metabolism.
 Lower temperature is needed to get maximum health benefits of garlic.

Ginger : It has an anti inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
Well known for its gastrointestinal benefits.
It has an immune boosting effect and is a strong anti cancerous agent.

Onion : The maximum flavinoids are in the outermost layers of the onion.
So make sure you peel off the least when using it.
Turmeric : To get maximum benefits , heat it .
Adding to the dish at the end and just slight heat, enhances its bioavailability.
It becomes more bioavailable when added with slight fat.
Adding a pinch of black   pepper inhances its bioavailabilty to more than 2000%
Broccoli : It is a good body detox vegetable. It helps to reduce cholesterol.
It is a source of Vitamin D.
Flavonoid Kaempferol is the anti inflammatory component present in it.
Best health benefits can be derived by cooking it by steam for minimum time.
Cinnamon : It reduces the blood sugar by reducing the rate of gastric emptying.
 It also boosts brain activity. Helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
It is also a good source of Manganese and calcium.
Carrot : It is a rich source of fiber , Vitamin A and a great anti inflammatory food. 
Cucumber : It has anti oxidant properties.
Rich in Lignans. It reduces cardio vascular diseases and cancer.
 It has Vitamin C, beta carotene and Manganese.
Dark chocolate : 
Green Tea :
Flax seeds :
Quinoa : It is  pronounced as KEEN - WAH. Chinopodium Quinoa is its botanical name.
 It is a complete protein source  and not a cereal grass. 
 It belongs to the family of spinach and beets , but can be ground into flour.
 It is gluten free and  also one of the best substitutes for white rice. 
It is a good source of folate, zinc and phosphorus. 
It tops its list for the fiber and protein content. 
Belongs to the spinach family, so has oxalates. 
One who has a diet restriction for oxalates, must avoid Quinoa.
Papaya :
Lemon :

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